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Hi, I am a leaner, I was working on a quiz on brightspace, and halfway through, the browser suddenly closed, and when I went back, all I saw was that the quiz was showing attempt 1/1 and attempt in progress, and wouldn't allow me to get back into the operation. In this case, will it be automatically submitted after the quiz deadline? (As far as I can see, there is no time limit for quiz, but there is deadline)


  • Iwona.S.533

    Hi @John.Y.70

    Thank you for posting your question.

    We understand how frustrating must have been not being able to complete your quiz.

    Without seeing the quiz setup it's difficult to understand what really happened but based on your issue description the scenario was as follows:

    • the quiz had no time limit
    • availability dates were set up
    • you were in the middle of the quiz (started the quiz before the availability ended)
    • your browser crashed
    • you tried to re-enter the quiz (still in progress) but the quiz availability ended

    Did you see a Continue Quiz button after the browser crash?



  • Mohit.B.878

    Hello @John.Y.70

    Thank you for contacting us via Brightspace Community. As the quiz was not submitted in the end, it will continue to display as "* You have an attempt in progress." I highly recommend reaching out to your course instructor to explain the situation, especially since the allowed attempts seem to be set at 1. It may be necessary to manually submit the quiz to mark it as complete.

    I hope the provided information is helpful

    Best Regards,

    Mohit Bhargav