How is the session timeout "log back in" link updated?

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Is there a way for the system administrator to update the "log back in" link that displays on the session timeout pop-up window?

When a session times out for me or one of my users, the pop-up box populates, but when the "log back in" link is selected, it opens the "login portal page' but when you select the SSO button it opens a blank page and does not log the user back in or redirect them.

I have edited this post to show the screen shots of what occurs with this process.

If we are not able to update it, can the message be changed or removed all together?

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  • Mohit.B.878
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    Hello @Holly.D.647

    Thank you for contacting us through the Brightspace Community.

    To investigate the issue further, we recommend you to please create a support ticket. This requires us to reproduce the reported issue and examine the workflow and current Set Config Variables of the site.

    Best Regards,
    Mohit Bhargav