Can I Log in to My School's D2L Here? Power Is Out There

Linda.M.658 Posts: 2 🔍

The power is out at my school's data centre, so its online services aren't available. I'm wondering if it's possible to log in here to access archived pages?


  • Jamie.D.715
    Jamie.D.715 Posts: 11 🧭

    Hi Linda, @Linda.M.658 - no, you won't be able to access your school's D2L Brightspace Learning Management System through any other website (including this one) that isn't the specific URL your school has provided you, so you should contact your school's technical support team for assistance or (if you're a student) contact your instructor(s) directly for course information.

    This website (D2L Brightspace Community) is a support site with discussion forums for users, so you won't find any of your school's specific LMS course content here.

    Hope that helps, but best wishes where you are, with the power being out!