Reader accommodation / Read aloud for Brightspace quizzes?

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I'm hoping folk might have suggestions as to how to provide a reader accommodation for students taking online quizzes. Previously, we had used Read & Write's chrome extension with the hover speech function, however, it has stopped reading answers and only reads question headings. I have checked MCQ's with NVDA so I know it's a software issue rather than the page structure. To date I've tried most of the big hitters - ClaroRead, Natural Reader and the ReadSpeaker extension and keep running into issues. The latter, for instance, won't read answer options on drop-down menus. Has anyone found a consistent read aloud tool for Brightspace MCQ's? (I'm aware of the built-in option from ReadSpeaker, and we may consider it in the future!)


  • Michelle.T.865

    Hey @Emily.S.581,

    Thank you for your inquiry. Another Screen Reader you may be interested in is JAWS.

    I will also link this course that offers information on Screen Readers in general: . In the Resources Topic, there is a list of other Screen Reader options available.

    For more information, please see this Community article that highlights Screen Readers and Brightspace:  .

    Please let us know if this is helpful.


  • Matt.C.408
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    Thanks @Michelle.T.865 for sharing that.

    That course with information on Screen Readers: still refers to Chromevox, which is very broken in 2023 (inside Brightspace, and outside, it's end of life'd).

    NVDA also skips over a lot of Brightspace content. Meanwhile, many learners are choosing tools like Speechify because of the quality and celebrity of readers. Both of these tools skip over content in areas with a lot of header/heading information like discussions.

    In particular with Speechify, does anyone have experience or guidance with Speechify?