Why can't i upload bulk feedback if the student has not submitted anything?


We have exams that are written outside of D2L. Until now they have been uploaded as feedback to to an assignment dropbox one by one. It is very time-consuming. I have a process to remain the file correctly so they can be bulkuploaded but unless there is an actual submission by the student it does not work.

I there any way around this ?



  • Scott.W.127
    Scott.W.127 Posts: 4 🌱

    In the things that make you go hmmm. It now works but it seems that I have to upload at least 1 feedback file first, and I have to turn off anonymous grading for it to work. Fortunately, I can turn it back on after the fact. FYI i am an admin not an instructor :)

  • Steve.B.446
    Steve.B.446 Posts: 76

    I submitted a PIE request D6429 for this functionality, sadly it just got marked as Not Planned with no further explanation.