Working with ePortfolio and artifact isn't showing when I click on it.

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edited November 2023 in Higher Ed / Postsecondary

We are creating a presentation and the links to a PDF and Word doc won't open. It won't do anything until I Ctrl+click then it will download it but we want it to open. Popup blockers are turned off. There are display options for the artifact, but the "Display artifact in-place on the page" is grayed out. Is this a permissions issue?



  • Mohit.B.878

    Hello @Denise.S.20

    Thanks for reaching out to us through the Brightspace community, Please Know: That only the following file types may be displayed in-place: HTML, AVI, BMP, Flash and Shockwave Flash, GIF, JPG, MP3, PNG, QuickTime, RealAudio, WAV and WMV.

    Unfortunately, PDF or DOC File isn't one of them hence they would need to be set as a link and need to be downloaded.

    Please Post a PIE Item similar for PDF documents.

    Should you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us or open a support case.

    Best regards,

    Mohit Bhargav