Create Assignment with multiple evaluators


Hi D2L

our school is now using Brightspace and I am wondering how to set up a graduation project assignment which is reviewed blind by three examiners.

I see that I can add evaluators to the assignment - would that solve the problem? In the past we expanded the rubric to include more examiners, but that also means the examiners see how other examiners evaluate the assignment - we need to make this a blind examination.

Would be great to learn more.

Best - Fritz Kohle



  • Bruce.B.64

    Hi Fritz;

    At the moment - the process may involve advising the graders which assigned items they would be responsible for.

    You could break this down by using sections to have your grader target specific sections to simplify that experience. This is likely going to need some more assistance for your specific use case; so I would encourage you to provide feedback to your D2L Account team to ensure this question is investigated so you can have the best experience using Brightspace.

    In the near future; there will be an easier workflow available and I would encourage you to check the Product roadmap for more official details:

    If you want more details, have your key contacts reach out to your Client Sales Executive or Customer Success Manager to provide more details.

    I will bookmark this article and once there are official details I will provide more information on this thread.

    Kind regards;