How can you scale an assignment - eg worth 10 & marked /20 plus changing grades to numbers from %

Sue.S.4 Posts: 23 🌱

I've been exploring video tutorials on the grade centre but cannot find the answer to one question:

If an assignment is worth 10, but graded out of 20, how can this be entered into grade centre with correct weightings.

Also, for what it is worth, I set up grade centre as % but would prefer marks. Is it possible to change or would a new quiz wizard setup overwrite the existing one. I juut don't want duplicates.

Many thanks



  • Lindsay.S.331

    Hi @Sue.S.4! If you maintain a "weighted gradebook", this is easy to accomplish by selecting to "edit" the grade item. You can then ensure the item is worth 20 points and 10 percent.

    If you want to maintain a "points gradebook", you can navigate to the settings within your gradebook and go to the Calculations Options tab and select Points as your Grading System.

    Then, if your assignment is worth 10% of the final grade, you would want to calculate what 10% would be based on the total points. I have included some screenshots below to help: