In the Awards tool, is there a way to see user emails in addition to their names?

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On the same day, one of our instructors:

  1. Awarded a badge to
  2. Mistakenly awarded a badge to


When he went to the Awards list, he couldn't differentiate between the two John Doe's. Is there a way to add an email address to this view?


Our workaround was that I temporarily renamed to John Revoke Doe.



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    I haven't seen a way to add email addresses or usernames in the Awards tool. Even the History report generated from an Intelligent Agent that identifies who has received an award only includes first and last names; no usernames or email addresses there either.


    I export the Classlist with usernames, then use flash fill in Excel to change them to email addresses, and use formulas to cross reference that tab with the IA export history to get a complete list of names and email addresses. However, this does not solve the problem of users who have identical first and last names.


    If you have access to the Brightspace data sets, you can join Awards Issued to Users on UserId, so you can differentiate users with identical names.

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    Turns out there's a PIE for this: