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Files uploaded in the content of a course, regardless of type, all end up being PDF docs in student view. However, some assignments in Business and Office Admin courses require students to make changes to a Word doc, or to complete accounting problems in an Excel Spreadsheet. This isn't possible if Brightspace automatically converts the file to a PDF. Is there a solution for this? P.S. I know that files attached to Dropbox assignments maintain their file extension. The problem is that students need to be able to download practice templates (hence placing them in Content).


Katherine @ Suncrest College

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  • Steve.B.446
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    There is a workaround: Create a new HTML file, use Insert Stuff and select Module Files. Click upload and upload your file. This will generate a link to the file which downloads (or opens in a browser preview) rather than the default Brightspace viewer.


  • Iwona.S.533

    Hi @Katherine.S.584

    I appreciate your inquiry.
    As you have noticed, files uploaded into content, regardless of the file format, display as PDFs. This is a default setting that cannot be modified.
    I suggest adding instructions that learners would have to download templates.
    We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.