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I have reviewed our organization's roles and permissions. I cannot find the Announcements > Copy to Other Courses permission to use the new feature from the November 2023 release. Would someone be able to confirm if the feature is fully released and available or if I am looking in the wrong place? I also reviewed the Config variable browser and could not locate anything there that is related or could be stopping me from viewing the permission.


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  • Heba.A.271
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    Hi @Desirae.R.723 ,

    Thank you for reaching Brightspace Community!

    This feature would be available to clients, you may validate with your organization administrator if your organization had received the continuous delivery release for November or not yet.


  • Jamie.D.715
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    @Desirae.R.723 I noticed this as well (that the release notes say it's under "Announcements > Copy to Other Courses" but I had to use my browser's text find feature on the role's Edit Permissions page to search for "Copy to Other Courses" and found the new permission listed under the "News" tool - hope that helps you, too!

    (We received the November release yesterday)


  • Desirae.R.723

    Thank you both for the feedback! I reviewed the Continuous Delivery notification and looks like we should have that update implemented and available for tomorrow.

    Thanks again! 😄