API call suddenly omitting OrgDefinedId

GET /d2l/api/le/(version)/(orgUnitId)/classlist/paged/ returns a list of ClasslistUser blocks, which are supposed to contain (among other things) the OrgDefinedId. I've been using this API successfully for over a year, and the OrgDefinedId has always contained the expected value. As of Nov 2 it now has a null for the OrgDefinedId. This has happened at both of the online schools that I support (in different school districts). Is anybody else encountering this? Any suggestions for a remedy?


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  • Lorin.T.444
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    The problem has been resolved. We were able to override the setting at the organization level. I had already tried that, but only at the school level. Going up the ladder to the org level was the trick.


  • Lorin.T.444
    Lorin.T.444 Posts: 6 🌱

    I think I've found the smoking gun. A user named D2LSupport turned off the setting that would show the OrgDefinedId in the class list. It happened at exactly the same time for the two schools that I support, so I don't think it was a Brightspace support person at the school district level. I think somebody at D2L turned it off for the entire province (or country?). But I can't turn it back on in the Config Variable Browser. I tried setting an override for the school, but it made no difference.

  • Hi @Lorin.T.444 - I'd recommend consulting with your system administrator to see if this was done as a part of a troubleshooting effort to solve a different problem. D2L Support (which is likely the Support desk) was likely triaging an issue with regard to a support case.

    Contacting your ASC (Approved Support Contact) can likely narrow down why that configuration was altered as a change of that nature would be documented in a support case.

    If that's not the case, please have your ASC open a support case to investigate this as we would need more information to help aid in an investigation of this nature.

    Kind regards, Bruce