Importing from Question Library of a course to quizzes in other courses.

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Can you import questions from the Question Library of a course (e.g. Course A) into the survey/quiz in another course (e.g. Course B)? Is it possible to create a common Question Library somewhere in the LMS which allows the questions to be imported into different courses?



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    Hello @Ahmad Al-Mahir Abu Bakar​,


    Thanks for your question, and welcome to the Community!


    For importing from one course to another: If you are an instructor in both courses, you can do a direct migration of the content from the course where the question exists, to the new course. You'd do this with the import/export/copy components tool, using the first option to copy from another org unit.


    If you're working with another instructor and don't have direct access, you would want to export a course file from your course, with the questions from the library. You'd do this in the same location at import/export/copy components. The other instructor can then import that file into their course.


    Your best option for cross-course question sharing would be to use the Learning Objects Repository (LOR). If it's set up, you can directly publish questions from your question library to the LOR. Regarding this option, I would check with your local Brightspace administrators so they can investigate your environments settings.


    Hope this helps!

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    Thank you for your response!


    I followed your second tip and was able to export the Question Library to a zip file and then import it in another course.

    If I was intending to implement a common survey (e.g. student feedback survey) across multiple courses I realize I can create survey in a course, export it into a zip file and import it in other course to deploy.


    I am hoping the LOR will not require exporting a Library or survey (or just export it once to a central location/course) and instructors can access the Library/survey directly from within their own respective courses to set up the survey for their own students.


    I am not familiar with LOR at all so will ask the administrators about it. Thank you again!