Course Completion

Hello out there - once a student completes a course, is there a way to make it invisible or inactive ONLY for that one student? We would like to keep the student's data, marks, comments, etc. but not have the course show up on their dashboard. Other than unpinning a course, is there a way to do this without actually un-enrolling the student completely?



  • Stacy.D.5
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    NEVERMIND - I found a way.

  • Hi @Stacy.D.5

    I'm glad to hear that you have resolved your issue!
    Could you please post the steps you followed to fix it, so that other Community members can benefit from your experience?
    I appreciate your cooperation and contribution!
    Best, Iwona

  • Stacy.D.5
    Stacy.D.5 Posts: 5 🌱

    If you un-enroll a student at the course level their data is not deleted, but the course will disappear from the student's view. However the data they have generated such as: assignment submissions; quiz attempts; grades; and so forth will not be accessible/available in the 'regular' way through the Brightspace UI. The exception to this is the student discussion topic/forum contributions, these are still visible to ensure the context of related contributions remains intact. The student enrollment and grades data is still available via the Classlist tool > Enrolment Statistics > Select the individual user to see their Grades.