Configuring API - How to find Admin Tools

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My main goal is to use this API within my research project with my professor, so we can alter how our auto grading system for computer science assignments is done. I am trying to get student submissions from students who are registered in computer science courses, and from there use those files to grade them with an altered version of the autograder I am also working on.
I am having a very hard time understanding how to use this API. I have read the documentation and have trouble setting things up. The first thing I read was I needed to create an OAuth 2.0 Application, I tried using Learn Postman with Paul, and within his account, there is an option on D2L to access admin tools, I am unsure how to be able to get this option. What account do I have to create and where do I have to create one so I can get access to that option with Admin Tools, which has Manage Extensibility and from there allows me to create an application? I tried using my current account details on this website but it says my login credentials are incorrect and there is no sign up option that I can see. Not sure how to approach this issue, or if there are accounts that exist that I can use for this sort of task.


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    Hi @Umar.S.672, thanks for the question. You'd need the 'Can Manage Extensibility' permission enabled for your role to be able to access the tool. Typically, this is only enabled for admin roles but could be different in your organization. If you are an admin, please check if the permission is enabled for your role. If not, please reach out to an admin in your organization. They should be able to help you with the necessary permissions.
    I hope that helps!