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Setup Configuration For Google Workspace

Muhammad.R.564 Posts: 21 🌱
edited November 2023 in K-12

Hello, I need to set up and configure Google Workspace, I already read some documents, but it is still confusing. Need help step by step from Google Workspace into Brightspace

We Already have Access to Google Admin. so we can set it up in Google admin.

So please help with this

Thank you



  • Megan.D.140
    Megan.D.140 Posts: 2 🌱
    Hoping to gain some insight on this same process. I too am a Google and Brightspace Admin but after viewing the resources available in the Community I am still struggling to better understand. Our Google accounts are already created and we are just needing to link accounts. @Muhammad.R.564 Are your Google accounts already setup as well or do you have a different scenario?
  • Muhammad.R.564
    Muhammad.R.564 Posts: 21 🌱

    Hi Megan, i think google account not setup yes, i havent have service account and P12, something like that, did you have step-by step for setup google first ? @Megan.D.140