How do I get permission to access the Brightspace Data Sets?

Kevin.G.123 Posts: 9 🌱
edited November 2023 in Higher Ed / Postsecondary

I get a 403 status "No permission to Access the Brightspace Data Sets" when I make a request for /d2l/api/lp/1.35/dataExport/bds/list

I have included the scope datahub:dataexports:read in the authorization. I am able to get other data successfully, like organization info and users data, for example.

Please let me know if I can provide more information to help resolve this issue. Thank you.


  • Justin.H.644
    Justin.H.644 Posts: 2 🌱

    Hi Kevin,

    Have you checked to ensure the user executing the API request has the appropriate role/permissions to access the data sets?


  • Kevin.G.123
    Kevin.G.123 Posts: 9 🌱

    I will ask the system administrator to give me the access I need. How can I find out which role/permission needs to be set? The list of permissions is vast.