Are there slide size limits for PPSX and PPTX files

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There seems to be a limit to slide sizes when uploading Powerpoint files. If you use widescreen slides, they do not render correctly in the viewer provided within D2L. If you convert it to PDF, it does render fine. Any ideas?


  • Hi @Joey.B.580

    We appreciate your feedback. It seems that the PPT file is not showing correctly in the doc viewer.

    There should not be any limit on the number of pages you can view.

    Does your PPT file have any audio/video/animation elements?

    Sometimes, Microsoft native document formats may not convert perfectly and cause some errors or differences.
    We recommend using PDF files directly or asking users to download the original document to avoid such problems.

    Please submit a support ticket so we can inspect the file and find out the cause of the issue.

    We appreciate your understanding and patience.

  • Joey.B.580
    Joey.B.580 Posts: 5 🔍

    It actually is not a problem with the number of slides. The problem is the physical screen size of the slides. If I use a slide that is "regular" sized, it all works correctly. If I upload a slide that is "widescreen", then it gets clipped by the renderer that D2L is using.

  • Hi @Joey.B.580

    I appreciate your reply. Could you please create a support ticket to look into the problem? I could not find any known bugs with the widescreen slide size display in Doc Viewer.
    Our Support team will work on the issue and keep you posted.