Creating multiple questions with the 'Insert practice' feature

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Hello everyone,

When I go to 'insert practice' and create, for example, a multiple choice question. I only have the option to create one at time. Is there a way to create a set of questions within one element, or do you have to select insert practice for each individual question?

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  • Natasha.B.837

    Hi Holly,

    No, you cannot create more than 1 question at a time, even of the same type, when using the Insert Practice feature in Creator+. You must click Insert and then close the Insert Practice interface before you can insert another practice question. This is because each practice type has its own separate Insert Practice interface and its own separate workflow.

    If you think a feature like a Save and Add New button, which saves the practice question and allows you to create another one of the same type without closing the Insert Practice interface, would streamline the Insert Practice feature, please add your suggestion to the Product Idea Exchange.

    Wishing you a lovely day!

    Natasha (Learning Administration Manager, D2L)