Can a group of courses who have badges associated with completion be combined to earn certificate?

I have created a badge for a group of courses in BS. I would like to be able to grant a certificate to those learners who complete a certain list of courses (so they have 10 badges and I'd like those 10 badges to equal a certificate). Is it possible to do this at a level above the course level?


  • Andrea.M.553

    Hi Kerriane,

    Yes, this is possible, providing your organizational structure and role permissions (and those of the learners) allows it. You would need to create all the badges and certificate at that higher level and share it down to the courses.

    Alternatively, you could use the Competencies tool (which can be cross course) as the condition for release of the badges, and then add that certificate to any one of the courses based on achieving all the competencies associated with the individual badges.

    Please reach out to your Brightspace Admin for assistance.