Help me change the number of users I can view in my gradebook!

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I have watched the tutorials. I know where to go. I just can't change the number of users in my gradebook - why? How can I fix this? In most of my gradebooks, I can see all of my students without having to save the page and go to another page…but in two of my courses, it only shows me 10 students at a time. When I am in my gradebook, I scroll down to the bottom, I see this:

It does not give me the option to change the # per page I can see, unlike my other gradebook views, which look like this:

I have gone to settings and I cannot see where to change this. Again, it's just 2 of my classes that has this "Page" view, the rest I have the dropdown menu like above that allows me to change the number of users visible. It's driving me nuts!



  • Ricardo.S.110

    Hello @Jennifer.G.802

    The number of students displayed on your grade book can only be changed by the platform admins of your university. That said, I recommend you open a support ticket with them and forward your request.

    I hope this is helpful.

  • Heather.K.449
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    Hi @Jennifer.G.802! Did you get an answer to this? We're also trying to figure out how to do this. Have gone through the config variable menu but had no luck figuring it out. Was hoping you found a way :-)

    Thank you!