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Hello all, I am attempting to make the Rubric Assessment Report readable for an instructor who really wants to view the individual statistic report for all rubrics in a course, not just one at a time.

So I am filtering and replacing the D2L ID numbers with text where possible (for example instead of ActivityObject number (discovered these are Grade items and easily viewable by editing a Grade item and looking at the URL) I switch out the number for the name of the associated Grade Item.

BUT I am having an issue with the AssessmentId and LevelAchievedID numbers. I don't know what they are connected to within the course. The AssessmentId isn't associated with Discussions, Dropboxes, or Quizzes in the course so a little at a loss. The same with the LevelAchievedID…I know that has to do with the 4 Levels of the rubric but I am not seeing for certain which Level goes with which ID number.


  • Nikhil.P.90

    Hi Linda,

    Thank you for your question.

    The AssessmentId is the unique number that is associated with the rubric assessment done for the student.

    More information on the columns in Rubrics datasets can be found in the below article,





  • Matt.W.287

    Hi Linda

    There's an Entity Relationship Diagram in this article (below) which shows how the various fields link to one another.

    AssessmentId is the Primary Key in the Rubric Assessment Brightspace Data Set (BDS) and links to Rubric Assessment Criteria BDS.

    LevelAchievedId appears to be the Primary Key in Rubric Criteria Levels BDS, although named LevelId (name mismatches occur sometimes). It's linked to Rubric Assessment Criteria BDS.

    I hope that's helpful. I'm not a data analytics expert but hopefully you can find the patterns your searching for now.
    Best regards
    Learning Administration Manager

  • Linda.M.672
    Linda.M.672 Posts: 2 🌱

    Thank you Matt, I was thinking it was a unique ID since there were so many of them for a single rubric and such a small amount of users in the course (only 4). I was assuming it must create a unique number for each student which links to each criterion (maybe each student is assigned a unique ID per criterion). I just couldn't see on my end how to pull up a url to associate the unique number to a criterion so it must be buried.

    It would be nice if the Rubrics were able to export "individual" statistics from within the course, so one wouldn't have to piece meal this together to make it readable and understandable. If they can do it for grades, quizzes, why not rubrics. Maybe not enough folks requesting it.