Is there a way to apply release conditions to content based on user attribute?

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We are developing a corporate course where the course content will differ depending on the user's region (e.g. North America versus Europe).


Is there a way to apply release conditions to content based on user attributes? (E.g. We want American users to see Topic 1A, but European users to see Topic 1B.)


I see that we could apply release conditions for Sections, but dividing the course enrollment into sections by region would be a manual process because:

  1. You can't set up rules for how Sections are divided
  2. Our courses don't have start/end dates, so we would constantly have to maintain the enrollment for this course.


Any other suggestions on how we could divide our course content based on region? Otherwise we'll have to do a hack of having 2 courses, named by region (e.g. "Computers for Dummies (America)" vs "Computers for Dummies (Europe)")


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    HI @Maureen Barrow​ we don't support attributes in release conditions yet (please do upvote that idea in PIE though - know someone has suggested it before), but is there a course where only people from those regions are enrolled, or alternatively, you could enroll them in a dept for that region that they cant really see/access - you could then use org unit enrollment as the release condition to achieve that end.