How do I Adjust a Grade Object Data Set?

In my Grade Book I had to adjust my Module assignments from Modules 1-5 to Modules 6-11 so that on reporting it would show. On the DOMO reporting the discussions are showing properly but the Project assignments are still showing Modules 1-5. In the course & gradebook it is showing correctly Projects 6-11. How do I adjust it so reporting will match?

I have attached screenshots. The first is what the course gradebook currently reflects. The second picture is how it is showing up on DOMO reporting. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


  • Hi Jocelyn

    I presume that you've just made that adjustment in the UI this week and you're waiting for the change to show in DOMO? I suspect that the change shows in tables where the differentials contain the new value, and the change doesn't show in older-style data sets (which are included in your data flow).

    If my suspicion is correct then the change will appear in DOMO after the next Full Data Set update, which is typically weekly. If you are under pressure to have the updates show in DOMO then you could reach out to D2L Support to ask for the data team to make those updates out-of-schedule. I expect the turnaround on a request like that to be a-day-or-three but, if required, that's probably worth the effort and faster than waiting for next Monday.

    I hope that's helpful. Best of luck!
    Learning Administration Manager

  • Jocelyn.J.726
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    Hi Matt - that is exactly what the issue was. It was just a timing issue. But all good now! That meme was funny!

  • Sorry I didn't get to it sooner, but I'm glad you enjoyed the pic.

    Always fun to do some light photoshop'ing