How can I get the overall feedback that I give on a quiz to show in the stuent's grade report?


This is so frustrating. I would like the students to be able to see what I write as feedback for a quiz in the same place that they look for all the other feedback, which is their grade report. I simply cannot figure out how to do this. Is this possible? If not, I hope that they are working on it. What good is a quiz if students can't learn from them.

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  • Lindsay.S.331
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    Hi @Mary.G.268, that makes perfect sense that you would want to offer feedback there! It is definitely an option. Here is the workflow I use when grading from the gradebook. In the gradebook, navigate to the column with the quiz you want to grade, click on the dropdown arrow beside it and click "Enter Grades". When you enter feedback in this view, it will display for them in their Grades view. You can also launch the quiz submission from this view to check out their work/answers. I have included screenshots of the instructor and student view below. I hope this helps!

    Instructor View:

    Student View:


  • Jennifer.W.973
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    @Mary.G.268 Hi Mary, you have to put the feedback in the Overall Feedback box on the Completion Summary page instead of in the Attempt Feedback box on each individual quiz attempt in order for it to appear in the grade book.