Are there any softwares that intergrate with Brightspace for reviewing courses

We would like to provide our SMEs with a way of submitting review feedback on courses that is easy for them to add and for us to track what feedback pertains to what part of the course. Are there any softwares that integrates with Brightspace like where a user could add comments to a version of the course and these exported into an easy to process excel file?

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  • Olly.F.893
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    Hi Henry! To some extent, you can do this within Brightspace using the Course Content Feedback tool

    There are permissions associated with being able to submit content feedback (or to see or delete it), so you'd possibly be able to restrict that to an SME role. I think it might have to use the Classic Content Experience for people to be able to access the context menu where the 'submit feedback' option is found, which you might not be using.

    It is exportable, but this might be on a course-by-course basis rather than one big Excel file:

    For a slightly more manual approach, but one that you could implement immediately, you could use a Microsoft / Google form where people paste in the url of the content topic that they're giving feedback for. While it adds the step of navigating to a form and copying in the url, it would generate a spreadsheet of responses automatically, and the url for the topic would include the 'org unit id', which would make it possible to know which course offering each piece of feedback corresponds to.