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Paul.M.437 Posts: 3 🔍
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In manage quizzes, how do I move a quiz from "Without Category" into a Category?


  • Michelle.T.865

    Hello @Paul.M.437,

    Thank you for your question. Here are some general steps to change the quiz category:

    1. Go to the Quizzes tool and locate the quiz
    2. Beside the quiz name, select the dropdown menu
    3. Select Edit to enter the New Quizzing Editing Experiencing
    4. On the left sidebar expand Attempts & Completion
    5. See the Category dropdown menu

    I have also added an image for your convenience:

    Let us know if this is helpful.


  • Paul.M.437
    Paul.M.437 Posts: 3 🔍

    Thank you for your response, much appreciated. I located the quiz and selected Edit. However, when I expand Attempts & Completion in the sidebar, the Category dropdown menu is not present (screenshot below). How do I get this menu to appear so that I can change the category?

  • Furkan.K.312

    Hi Paul.M.437,
    Thank you for getting back to us. I looked into our local environment and I can see the option that Michelle explained.

    Are you using an admin account?

    Thank you,