How do I attach an uploaded file (using the 'resumable' process) to a course?

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@Ian.P.710 @Chris.S.534 : hoping one of you guys can help… or others??

We are uploading +/-1,000 SCORM zip files. When we upload them, they become modules within course structures that we create programatically. We are blocked at the moment because some exceed the +/-500MB upload file-size limit.

Because of the limitation imposed by the API, we were instructed by Brightspace Support to use the 'resumable' file upload process described here:

I can successfully do the first two steps (get a file upload key then, using that key, successfully upload the chunked file). However, the third step — "Attach upload to the LMS" — I'm not sure about. The documentation points to an API endpoint that will attach the file to a "feedback" Dropbox. That's not what we want to do.

I could not find any API documentation to associate an uploaded file to a course module where it would appear as a lesson topic.