Personalizing the My Courses Widget

Sharon.L.319 Posts: 6 🌱
edited November 2023 in Corporate

We have organized our course offerings under different Programs (e.g. All Staff, New Hires, Professional Learning, Leadership Development). I would like to display ONLY these Programs under the My Courses Widget. Is there a way to 'hide' the list of courses that are currently under a Program titled "Brightspace Department"? Essentially, we would like to personalize the My Courses widget so that only certain Programs (and the attached course offerings) are displayed. Thank you for your help.


  • Nikhil.P.90

    Hi Sharon,

    Thank you for posting your question in Community

    Currently, there exists no feature available to only display certain programs and its courses in the My Courses Widget.

    I kindly request you submit this as a feature request in Product Idea Exchange.