Why is the rubric not visible to learners when an assignment is linked in the Content area?

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I have attached a rubric to an Assignment Submission item. If I link learners to the Assignment tool to have them access the Assignment, prior to submission they see the rubric beneath the assignment instructions (at this point it has no feedback). This is the expected experience.


If I link learners to the same Assignment through the Content area (i.e., within the table of contents area, I use the "Attach Existing" button to attach the Assignment Submission item) then they do not see the rubric. Prior to submission, the see the instructions but not the rubric. I have uploaded a screenshot showing the difference.


This issue exists in both the old content experience and the new one. Why is the learner view different if the Assignment item is the same?



  • Hello @Caitlin Barnett​,


    Thanks for your question!


    With the rubric being visible to students, they should be able to find a link to the rubric on that submission page, but they'll see it further down the page on the right side.


    Here's an example I set up on my end:Screen Shot 2021-10-20 at 9.14.44 AM 

    Hope this helps!

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    Caitlin(Caitie).B.821 Posts: 2 🌱
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    Thank you @Stephen Rankin​ ! I feel silly for not noticing it, though it is unfortunate that the rubric is so out of the way from the Content view. I would provide instructions to students so that they are aware of where the rubric can be found, but then if they access via the Assignment tool those instructions wouldn't apply. It's interesting that the student experience differs when accessing the same item depending on where they access it from.


    I appreciate your assistance!

  • @Caitlin Barnett​, you are most welcome! And no reason to feel silly at all.


    I do think that this would be a good idea for you to submit to our Product Idea Exchange, to streamline the view so it's similar to the view a student receives from the Assignment tool itself.


    If you've never been into the PIE site, you'll find a link near the top of the page on the menu bar. Hope you'll consider submitting this!


    Please let us know if you have any other questions that arise.