Quizzes/Assignments should not be scored after due date

Quizzes and other assignments (e.g. IVQ lectures) should remain open after their due date as they are now but with points NOT being registered in the grade book after the due date. This should should at least be an option in the settings, if not the default. As it is, due dates have no force. I teach a class with 600 students and we need to keep these assignments open so that students can use them to study for exams. It is not practical to put up practice versions of assignments or to manually go through the grade book to look for past-due submissions and give them zeros.

If there are other threads on this that I can upvote, please link them in the comments here and I will do so. I don't have time to search for them. Thanks


  • Hi John,

    Thank you for your question.

    There is a feature currently in a development phase called Automatic Zero which will automatically score a zero to the student's activity grade item if they have not made a submission before the due date. Once the due date is appased they will receive a zero automatically.

    Unfortunately at this time, I do not have an ETA on when the feature will be released.

    I kindly request you to keep an eye out on the feature request>Auto Zeroing Grade After Due Date Has Passed (D3202), DirectLink: https://desire2learn.brightidea.com/ideas/D3202 for the feature release information.



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    Thanks very much, Nik.

    It looks like I don't have access to that site (my password for Brightspace Community does not work)

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    A tech staff member at my institution helped me access the site with the threads. You guys need to fix that problem.