Brightspace opens first topic in a unit, instead of the unit itself


We have a course where the content is structured such as:

  • Unit A (has content)
    • Lesson A (has content)
      • HTML Topic 1 (has content)
      • HTML Topic 2 (has content)
      • HTML Topic 3 (has content)
  • Unit B (has content)
    • HTML Topic 4 (has content)

When a participant visits the course and they click on the Visual Table of Contents to visit:

  1. Unit A, the Content tool opens HTML Topic 1. (Unexpected)
  2. Unit B, the Content tool opens Unit B. (Expected)

I believe this is by design… But can someone confirm? Short of reorganizing Unit A so that there's an HTML topic before the Lesson, Is there a way to ensure that Unit A opens at Unit A?

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  • Maureen.B.923
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    Answer ✓

    For others, FYI depending on where you click on a visual content table of contents, it opens different things. (I didn't realize my mouse was moving a pixel or two off of the expected path.)

    The following opens:

    1. The unit page
    2. The last topic opened/accessed
    3. The first object in the unit (in my case, a Lesson folder)