Brightspace Message Appearing on Homepages

Emily.D.83 Posts: 7 🌱
edited October 2023 in Higher Ed / Postsecondary

Hello. I am wondering if anyone else has noticed the following error message appearing on Brightspace homepages: Error retrieving credentials. So far, it's not affecting the user's experience thankfully. I've attached a screenshot.



  • Michelle.T.865

    Hello @Emily.D.83,

    Thank you for the message. It appears that this error message may be coming from an LTI provider or possibly a widget on the homepage. Were any changes made to the homepage page or maybe a custom widget?

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  • Neil.G.267
    Neil.G.267 Posts: 6 🌱

    We were seeing the same thing. Having users clear their browser cache seems to take care of it. I was told by support that they made some changes to some system widgets.