How can I test functionality of the adaptive release rules I created?

I've set up a course in the following manner:
- There are 6 modules.
- When the learner enters the course, only the first module is available.
- Each module has adaptive release rules attached to it, specifying that the learner must view all pages of content, submit responses for two surveys, and receive a passing score on a quiz.
- After the criteria are met for the first module, the learner earns a badge. Earning the badge unlocks the next module.
- This pattern continues for each subsequent module.
- After all badges have been earned, the learner is automatically awarded a certificate of completion.

This issue is that I can't test the functionality of my adaptive release setup. When I interact with the course as a learner, even though I complete the criteria for the first module, I don't get a badge and the second module doesn't unlock. The same thing happens when I impersonate the mock student user.

One contributing factor may be the fact that I had already interacted with the module content previously when I was building the course, before I set up the adaptive release rules. There doesn't seem to be a way to "reset" my student learner profile.

Another factor may be that when I impersonate my mock student user, it looks like D2L isn't recording that the mock user is visiting the module pages. It seems like it only records when she submits something.

The course isn't live and doesn't have enrolled students, but I would like to take it live ASAP. However, before I can do that, I need to be 100% sure my adaptive release rules work. How can I do that?

Any advice would be much appreciated!

In case it's helpful to know, I do have administrative privileges.


  • Jacqueline.S.595

    Hey @Sarah.R.744,

    Thank you for the clear explanation of your testing! In this case, to test the release conditions you've set-up on course content I recommend actually logging in with your test/mock learner account, rather than impersonating.

    As you've noted, impersonation does not track a user's progress through course content, therefore by actually logging in as your test learner, content progress will be tracked & the release condition of viewing all the content pages can be satisfied.

    Hope that clarifies😊


  • Sarah.R.744
    Sarah.R.744 Posts: 3 🔍

    Hi Jacqueline.S.595

    Thank you so much for your help! I'm in the process of trying to get login credentials for the test learner, so I haven't had a change to test this solution yet, but I'll update when I do.