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How to improve the 'Pulse' app for students??

Koren.H.829 Posts: 2 🔍
edited November 2023 in K-12
I was wondering if it's possible to choose which D2L sections show up when my students use the Pulse app? Is that something my district has decided? Can I, as a teacher, customize my course so that when students open it on Pulse it doesn't automatically show Activity Feed, Content, and Grades? Our school district does not use D2L for grades in middle school, so I would like it to disappear. Thanks!


  • Nikhil.P.90

    Hi Koren,

    Thank you for your question.

    I have further checked and found that currently there exists no feature available to customize the display of Activity Feed, Content, and Grades in the Pulse App.

    I kindly request you to submit this as a Feature Request in Product Idea Exchange