Advanced Video Editing Permissions

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

I am an admin for my school's D2L.

My instructors are having issues accessing Advanced Editing for videos.

New → Video or Audio → Upload

When the video fully uploads and process there should be an option for "advanced editing" underneath it. Next to "change file"

For my admin account, I can see this just fine. My instructors cannot.

Is this a permission issue? I have been scrolling through my role permissions for a while now trying to find out which one, if any, is responsible for this behaviour.


  • Tauany.S.691

    Hi Michael,

    Thank you for your question. To be able to see the Advanced Editing options the role needs to have the 'Can manage objects' permission under the Content Service tool in the Roles and Permissions.

    This permission allows users to see the Advanced editing options when editing videos hosted by the Content Service.

    It's also required for the role to have Content > Manage Content (at the Course offering level).

    Below is a documentation with more information of this permission:

    Thank you,