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We have a number of modules that have some banner text on them relating to the year and I just wondered if there was some way to narrow down those specific modules and update the year on the banner text in mass rather than having to do each module one by one. E.g. a set of modules which have the title Moderation xxxx 2023 but the banner says Moderation xxxx 2022.





  • Michelle.T.865

    Hey @Denise.M.274 ,

    I believe you are talking about the Banner Customize Text feature.

    That is a great feature idea! At the moment, I am unable to find a way to update this in bulk. It appears that Customize Text must be updated on an individual org unit.

    Here are some more information on:

    Alternatively, if you are looking to change the course's name (not just the customized text), this can be done with an SIS system in bulk. This method is dependent on whether your organization is utilizing an SIS system (such as IPSIS) and any particular configurations set.

    Please let me know if this is helpful!


  • Denise.M.274

    Thank you. Yes it's the Banner Customize Text I need to amend. It looks like I will just have to update that one by one. :) As they haven't been set up using a variable I will need to update them one-by- one for now and look at a variable for future years.