Completing my profile

How can I add my hometown or social links to my bright space profile?


  • Whitney.W.754

    Hi Sarah! Please, head over to "Profile" (pictured below) - which is accessible by clicking on your name/photo at the top right-hand side of your Brightspace homepage. There you can add all sorts of fun details such as Nickname, Social Profiles, Hometown, etc.

    Hope this helps ☺️

  • Shane.S.150
    Shane.S.150 Posts: 6 🌱

    Hi Whitney,

    Can you share information on enabling those options as a System Administrator? I am not finding the Nickname, Hometown, etc…

    I think I found the Social Network options under the Config Variable Browser for Profile but did not see the other options mentioned.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,