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Can I get real course access report on how many times users access the course in 1 day? Data hub report only shows 1 access per user and the time is stamped with the time the report was made. It's the same for all users. It's the same in the Insights Portal.

Are there any rules that account the access as course access?

Thanks in advance.


  • Monica.G.541

    That is correct - Course Access BDS tracks only once per day - this is course access via the browser.
    The newer Course Access Log BDS tracks more frequently - up to every 30 min - this is for course access via Pulse.
    This blog post speaks to the differences between these two BDS as well as links to another blog post on how you can combine both BDS in Insights Report Builder.

  • Sasa.B.287
    Sasa.B.287 Posts: 19 🌱

    Hi Monica,

    thank You so much for the answer. I've checked the Course Access Log and it doesn't have much course access logs recorded. I've opened the ticket to check what happened.

    The link You've sent is great but the link on how to combine the two reports (another blog post on how you can combine both BDS in Insights Report Builder) leads to an empty page (The page you were looking for could not be found.).

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    Sasa Bradic