Is it possible to create a quiz that will give the student full credit for simply submitting it?...

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Is it possible to create a quiz that will give the student full credit for simply submitting it? What we would like to do, ideally, is to have the quiz associated with a scheme that gives 100% for anything over 1 point, but that doesn't seem to work.

Ideally each quiz item would still be worth points, so the instructor could see where the problems are and how students would do (and get a report), but students would get full credit for simply attempting it. We have set it so all quiz items are bonus questions, but we would love to get the scheme or selectbox working if we could.



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    Thanks for the question, @Marc Ebenfield​, I have looped in our SME for some assistance. Stay tuned for an update. 

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    Hey @Marc Ebenfield​ - this really depends on what you want to be reflected as "full credit". Assuming the scenario you want to reflect is "gets 100% in the gradebook", I would advise as follows:


    1. The first question of the quiz should NOT be bonus, and should be simple enough that any student could get it right- for example, an Multiple Choice integrity pledge with the answers "I agree" & "I disagree"
    2. All other questions in the quiz can be marked as bonus
    3. As a result of having only one question as non-bonus, the denominator of the quiz will be based on soely the number of points for question 1 - as such, all students should get more than 100% on this quiz, if they attempt it.


    Now you have a value that is >100% from any student that attempts the quiz, but I assume that you want this quiz reflected in the gradebook - without throwing off the scoring of all the other work in the course. All you have to do is ensure that the "Can Exceed" checkbox under the Gradebook settings is set to False - this will clamp all grades to 100%.


    This will allow the whole quiz to automatically take care of all the grading - and yet incentivize students that they need to complete the quiz if they want to get "full marks".



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    I also would really like this as an option, but what Colin suggested doesn't seem to cover all the details.
    Sure, they'll get 100% on the quiz, but how does the instructor get a report on how the students did on the other questions?