Exporting then reimporting a Brightspace course package

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Hey all, last week I asked about translating courses:

I exported the course as a Brightspace package, sent the xml files for translation, and re-imported it into the empty German course offering. It didn't work. I keep getting variations of the error below.

After various attempts to troubleshoot the German translated xml files, I got clever and then tried to re-import the original English files - I got the same error above. At this point I'm literally trying to import the exact same Brightspace package that I just exported. Are there special tricks about importing from a course package?


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    Maureen.B.923 Posts: 110 🧭

    Update: Apparently the translations kinda but also didn't work? (I have no idea when they semi-worked though).

    Now my course has the following:

    • Units
      • Translated titles
      • Untranslated text inside the unit
    • HTML files
      • Translated titles
      • When you click on the HTML topic itself, you get a Page Not Found error
      • When you check the Manage Files section of the course, there are no files
    • Quizzes:
      • 5% of the quiz description is translated
      • Quiz questions are translated
      • Parts of the Quiz Result Displays text are translated (but not all)
    • Competencies:
      • Nothing got imported