Exempt Grade from main "Enter Grade" screen


Right now, if I want to exempt a student from an assignment, I have to go

Grades Tool → Specific Assignment → Enter Grades → Select Student (checkbox) → Select Exempt (at top).

That may make sense if I'm manually grading assignments, but I get a lot of assignments automatically passed from publisher sites or such, so the grading has already happened there. I'd like to exempt it in Brightspace; and it would be great if there were a drop-down menu for the assignment next to the student's score that let me exempt it.


  • Janet.W.813

    Hi Luke.D.727,

    I'm not sure if you've tried the Bulk User Exemptions feature. Here are step-by-step instructions:

    Setting multiple grade item exemptions for a learner

    1. On the Enter Grades page, click on the learner's name.
    2. From the context menu of the learner's name, select Bulk edit exemptions.
      Note: You can also launch the Bulk edit exemptions page from the Grade item and the Grade Category pages.
    3. On the Edit Grade Exemptions page for the learner, select the check boxes of the grade items that you want to exempt the learner from.
    4. Click Save and Close.

    Hope that helps!


  • Luke.D.727
    Luke.D.727 Posts: 7 🌱

    Thank you, it is nice to have another method. I still think it would be an improvement to the UI to have it as an option from the main gradebook.