Correct calendar synching


I copied a course from my first 8-weeks to my second 8-weeks section. While I did change the due dates of assignments in the publisher website and the dates followed through in the LMS modules, the calendar still shows the incorrect due dates for assignments. How do I get D2L to only reflect the publisher dates and or dates of items I manually enter?

I copy courses over each semester and in two years, the D2L calendar will be a hot mess if this continues.



  • Jeffrey.M.844

    Hello @Deborah.D.645,

    You've alluded to a publisher website, so I imagine you're using some sort of an integration to bring in assignments. Since I don't know the specifics about that integration, I don't want to speculate as to whether this technically is expected behavior or not. Certainly, that does not sound like the desired behavior from a user-experience perspective.

    Instead, I'll start by sharing that there is a Manage Dates tool that may be helpful in targeting and bulk offsetting calendar dates in a course. Is this something you're familiar with or have attempting using to work around the problem?

    If that is not an acceptable workaround and/or you wish to investigate the root cause of the behavior you have observed, I would recommend your organization log a support case. If you go down the route of engaging D2L Support, I'd like to share with you this Case Creation Checklist, which may be helpful in thinking through the type of information that would be useful for D2L Support to help investigate this further.

    I hope that helps!


    Learning Administration Manager