Quzzes and surveys open in new tab


Hello. I am trying to see if there is a setting to stop quizzes from opening in a new tab as opposed to remaining in the same tab. Is there a "best practice" for whether to have quizzes open in a second tab vs remain in the same tab?


  • Michelle.T.865

    Hello Jeff.L.592!

    There are various partners that D2L has teamed up with the enable similar features for our users.

    Respondus Lockdown Browser and Integrity Advocate have features to prevent multiple tabs from being open during quiz-taking time. I have added some links to these articles.


  • Jeff.L.592
    Jeff.L.592 Posts: 7 🔍

    I think the question was misunderstood. When I click to begin a quiz, the quiz does not appear in the same tab. A new browser tab opens displauying the quiz. This means one has to click back and forth between browser tabs. My question was whether there is a setting to eliminate the need to click back and forth between browser tabs by displaying the quiz content in the original browser tab.

  • Susan.W.104
    Susan.W.104 Posts: 15

    Hi @Jeff.L.592

    What you could try is to "Create a File", then make the quiz a hyperlink and be sure to have it open in the same space "Frame" as shown here. When students click start quiz, the quiz should open within the same page. Please test it as the demo student to ensure its working as you would like.

  • Jennifer.W.973
    Jennifer.W.973 Posts: 242 🌟

    @Jeff.L.592 Are you using the New Content Experience? Any assessable activities will currently open in a new tab but that will change in the December update: Introducing New Display Pages for Assessable Activities in New Content Experience

    Classic Content and the New Learner Experience (a different student view of New Content Experience that is more mobile-friendly) both open these activities in the same browser tab.