Cannot search "Discussions" + confining "tag" limitation

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I am on the "Discussions" page:

I can filter but why can't I search?

Also, why am I not allowed to create my own tags? Apparently I can only use D2L-defined tags. As far as I can tell, clicking on "Show popular tags" doesn't really show only the "popular" tags; it shows ALL available tags…which are pretty limited and include a tag with a typo: "Quiz QuestionLibraary". On a related note, please include "UX" or "User Experience" in the list.

Last, please consider including pedagogical tags (e.g. student interaction, self-directed learning, communicative learning, flipped classroom, group projects). The majority of existing tags relate to the tools and technology. But pedagogy should lead technology not the other way around.


  • Mike.B.559
    Mike.B.559 Posts: 116
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    Also, I just posted this "Discussion" item. Why does it not appear at the top of the "Recent Discussions" list? As far as I can tell, the list is sorted alphabetically by tag…but even if I change my tag to "Announcements" or filter to "Recently Created" it won't sort near the top. This appears to be because the sorting process preferences D2L staff posts over members of the user community…or maybe they are pinned to the top.