Am I Doing This BrightSpace Right

Hello My name is Martikka Tucker I'm just trying to see am I doing this bright space thing right cause I'm a student I have a ged and im a freshmen this is my first year doing this if im wrong please correct me


  • Andrea.B.236
    Andrea.B.236 Posts: 183 admin

    Hi @Martikka.T.249 ,

    Welcome to the Brightspace Community!

    You're doing great, because asking questions and reaching out is the best thing to do! This site is the Brightspace Community, the place where people can learn, share, and receive help with the Brightspace platform. We have documentation for Learners, if you ever have a question about how to do something with the Brightspace platform.

    If you are looking for your school's Brightspace Learning Environment, we have a tool for that! You can use our Log-In Finder to find their dedicated Brightspace instance.

    Good luck in your new semester!