Giving a zero score using a rubric


I have an instructor that is trying to use rubrics in Brightspace, but can't find a way to give a grade of zero when the student doesn't meet any of the criteria or doesn't turn anything in. Does anyone have experience with this? Interestingly - I posed this question to Google's AI tool - Bard. Here's the solution I got - which indicates that the rubric MUST first have a "no score" level in order to choose a zero score, or that the grade must be manually over-ridden.

Is this accurate? Our institution is new to Brightspace this term, so this is a new one for us!

Thanks in advance for any guidance!


  • Puneet.K.883

    Hey Susan!

    That is correct, you need to have a level with zero value or keep the point value to zero if you're using it. Or override the value manually that you shared.


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