Why grade value update API gives 400 JSON Binding Error for a null grade update?

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Hi All,

We are using the PUT API "/d2l/api/le/(version)/(orgUnitId)/grades/(gradeObjectId)/values/(userId)" to update an existing grade item with a null value.


We are passing the following JSON object in the request body.


    "Comments": {

        "Content": "Comments.",

        "Type": "Text"


    "PrivateComments": {

        "Content": "Private comments",

        "Type": "Text"


    "GradeObjectType": 1,

    "PointsNumerator": null,

    "PointsDenominator": 45




When we submit the above request we are getting the following error:



    "type": "http://docs.valence.desire2learn.com/res/apiprop.html#json-binding-error",

    "title": "JSON Binding Error",

    "status": 400,

    "detail": "Provided JSON is invalid or does not match the expected format."



Any idea on how to fix this error or how to pass a null value for the grade item?