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Can't Make a Copy of Google Drive Document from Brightspace

Stephen.A.425 Posts: 2 🔍
edited October 2023 in K-12

I've copied the components of a class I previously taught to this years class. I have all my content via google docs, however BS is not letting the students copy the document into another google doc. They can only download the document as a word doc. I tried to copy the doc from BS myself and it doesn't allow me either (I can still copy the orginal copy from G-drive).

How do I change the settings to allow BS to allow copies of the uploaded documents.


  • Bronwen.C.185

    Hi Stephen,

    Unfortunately, this is a Google change that we are unable to override. This was originally opened as a defect being tracked under major case 01735236, but after investigation, our development team concluded that Google had made a change on their end.

    Sadly there is no setting change available on our end to allow copied of uploaded documents. Please let us know if you have any questions.