Help About Grade Item need to Update, Not create new from Zoom/LTI for Attendance

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Hello, I'm having trouble with Zoom sync with grades, right now my trouble is, that LTI/Zoom always creates new grade items.

I Need to attach it to an existing grade item(I'm trying to use the same name but still doesn't work) , if there any setup that i missed

Please help with this

Here's an attachments

Thank you



  • Chris.S.534

    Hi Muhammad,

    I suspect the Zoom LTI integration is looking at the gradeObjectID parameter which defines the Grade Item in the Brightspace course offering into which the attendance values/grades are being published rather than the Grade Item name. Grade Item names do not need to be unique whereas the gradeObjectID's are unique.

    Given the Grade Item is created by the Zoom LTI integration when creating the Zoom session I believe the change would have to be made in Zoom and not Brightspace. I'd recommend opening a support case with the Zoom Support team to investigate if there is any scope to change this value.

    Hope this helps!

  • Muhammad.R.564

    I see, i will contact Zoom support for that, Thankyou for helping